velmai [Virtual Empirical Lifeform with Multifunctional Artificial Intelligence] is unique in the emerging bot landscape because it is one of a handful of bot builders globally that owns its own code. We have a Proprietary Algorithm called VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois].
We were the first company in the World to integrate bots in forums, and also the first to integrate bots with live data feeds from external sources.
We are the only AI company that can produce deep learning and reporting analytics, showing among other things, AI conversation injection conversion rates. See example report below.
We are currently working on yet another World first, integrating with a combination of voice to voice, AI, holograms and augmented reality! - Watch this space!
Example analytics

Competitor comparisons
Velmai Microsoft's Cortana Google Now Apple's Siri
customised to your business yes no no no
can it chat with your customers yes no no no
can it learn from their queries automatically & report back to you yes no no no
can it conduct online surveys that are created by you on your portal yes no no no
can you name your own AI chatbot yes no no no
read your emails through the  contact page and forward them to the relevant staff in your company  yes partly partly partly
do branding by tweeting for you yes no no no
answer tweets and emails yes no no no
integrate your company marketing& advertising campaigns by appearing on your Facebookpage to talk with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week yes no no no