Darren Lee
Has a degree in Applied Computer Science from De Montfort University in Leicestershire. He created his first freemoving robot with some AI at the age of 12. Darren has been experimenting with Virtual Agents and Artificial Intelligence ever since.
For the last two decades, he's been an IT executive for large international companies, managing IT initiatives. As velmai goes to market he is stepping up his role as the AI bot venture's Chief Technology Officer.
Darren has created his own computer language that is self-learning or "machine learning" as the current buzzwords best describe it. The source code VAIP (Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois) is fully owned by velmai Ltd and has been refined over 10 years to improve its Emotional Intelligence capabilities and Natural Language Processing points of difference.
The Emotional Intelligence (EI) element has been put on a tight loop as velmai's market intelligence has shown that corporations are still afraid to adopt Emotionally Intelligent chatbots! We predict 2018 will see a swooping change with the Early Adopters becoming willing to let velmai's AI bots with EI have more freedom in their First Mover deployments :)
Tania Peitzker
Has a PhD in Humanities (Anglistik) which she obtained on a Brandenburg Government and University of Potsdam doctoral scholarship. Speaking several languages, her understanding of linguistics, semantics and cross-cultural communication has contributed to her expertise in creating chatbots with Emotional Intelligence. As her Gravatar decribes, Tania has worn many hats in investor liaison, capital raising, business development, PR, marketing and sales. She now considers herself a fully-fledged AI bot technologist and is becoming known as a pioneer in the field by leading velmai's multichannel development with bot integration into holograms, VR and Augmented Reality applications for industry.
Tania's home office is on her English family's farm 40 minutes from London, as well as on Lake Constance near Stuttgart. In the summer of 2017, she is setting up a base in Milan where she will be running digitisation workshops in Italian & seminars in Lyon. With velmai's attendance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Tania is thus covering the "4 Motors of Europe" with this expansion.
Cliff Lee
Cliff was the art-house brains behind the artistic creations of velmai avatars. Cliff had a near fatal stroke in the summer of 2013 and has since become a passive shareholder in velmai Ltd.
As one of the 3 co-founders, Cliff created the prototype with its Extreme Sports viledgers. They were tweeting to human users before the invention of Twitter. The quirky avatars have managed the platform on their own since 2006, recruiting autonomously over 20 000 human members who have registered with the online sports community.
Cliff also designed the UI and UX for myownreporter which was the trial run with the European Union's RSS news feeds from Brussels in Australia 2010-2012. This saw velmai's first fully fledged AI bot with Emotional Intelligence, "Charlie the Spoof Newsreader" who became a bit of a lad. Cliff designed the amazing avatars of this project and we are still using the characters for other jobs like online customer surveys, market research, financial services advice, food retail, PR, sales, marketing, subscriber and member management and more!