Our bots
"Hello, I am Albert, a velmai Next Gen AI bot. I do believe we have already met."
Albert, as you will have seen on the home page is a virtual butler. Designed to meet, greet and engage your users.
Albert also uses "wake words" to switch modes. For example, type "Tania email" to turn him into our CEO's private secretary!
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"Hi, I'm Hans-Pierre, I can help your visitors navigate an event or complex internet/ intranet site"
Hans can learn all about your trade show event; who's attending, where, what time a presentation is taking place and even where to take a break!
Think of Hans as the person at the event front door, able to guide any visitors to where they want to go.
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"Hi, I'm Sophia, I can deeply engage users to answer questions."
Sophia runs online questionaires, using physiological techniques to compel users to answer questions.
"Hello, I'm Sophie, your personal banking advisor."
Sophie was launched as a messaging app based banking account selection advisor.
"Hey, I'm Charlie, your one stop location for the news!"
Charlie is connected to news feeds directly from the EU parliament (a World first!). He can then serve articles to users based on their preferences, and also engage in conversation.
Sir Loin
"Hi! I'm Sir Loin, an online farm shop advisor!"
Sir Loin pre dates Dom from Dominoes pizza, and was the front end for a farm shop, selling meat, giving advice on the best meat cuts, and purveying general knowledge on the butchery industry and the farms the meat came from.