velmai [Virtual Empirical Lifeform with Multifunctional Artificial Intelligence] is unique in the emerging bot landscape because it is one of a handful of bot builders globally that owns its own code. We have a Proprietary Algorithm called VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois].
After deciding to sit out the hyped up, international "Year of the Bots" in 2016, velmai is quietly going to market in 2017 with a leading British media sales agency based in London and a number of prestigious First Mover clients..
He have been working on our systems for over 10 years. Integrating our AI bot on multiple platforms for a diverse range of purposes. The graph below gives a brief timeline of evolution and where Velmai sits within it.
A core competence of the velmai bots is sales, marketing and PR. We rely on these insights to support forward-thinking companies in developing their own digital strategies using this 21st century form of client liaison, customer service and high tech advertising.