Hi there, my name is velmai, I’m the unique online help service and information source that's personalised according to your online life. Creating an information and gather filter that is directly aimed at and customised for you or your site. I'll build and manage your reverse personal profile and brain store, that will help, advise and suggest online content that's personally related to you, the user.
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Tech comparison table

VelmaiMicrosoft's CortanaGoogle NowApple's Siri
customised to your businessyesnonono
can it chat with your customersyesnonono
can it learn from their queries automatically & report back to youyesnonono
can it conduct online surveys that are created by you on your portalyesnonono
can you name your own AI chatbotyesnonono
read your emails through the  contact page and forward them to the relevant staff in your company yespartlypartlypartly
do branding by tweeting for youyesnonono
answer tweets and emailsyesnonono
integrate your company marketing& advertising campaigns by appearing
on your Facebook page to talk with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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VELMAI - bringing you the web

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